Shower Scene 

“The water’s warm,” she calls from behind the curtain.

She’s facing the wall with her back arched under the stream.

Vern heads for the bathroom with caution in his steps.

He lingers in the doorway, wide-eyed, admiring her soapy silhouette.

Her first visit to his apartment and she’s already naked and wet.

Vern licks his lips and continues toward her.

“As you wish,” he begins to unbutton his black jeans.

Vern peels the pants from his narrow hips with haste.

He steps forward and pauses for a moment. Then he places his left hand on the curtain and pulls it back, unveiling her.

There she is, shimmering before him. Her tear-drop shaped breasts resting pleasingly on her chest.

Water drops covering her skin like dew damped flowers in the morning.

Her soaked hair sticks to her head, neck, and shoulders like spaghetti to the corner of a pan.

“You are otherworldly,” he whispers to her.

The corners of her lips raise with a smile.

She takes his hand and leads him into the tub.

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  1. I like how you put your writing forward without extravagant details, but in a more subtle, literary fashion. That way it sinks in slowly

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