The Art of Seduction (Part III)

I could tell by the look of him

That I’d have him

Dream whore and the matador

Before he knew he could fight a bull

With a single look I snagged him

Our filthy hands can wash one another,

my eyes told him

With a single look I snagged him

Call me the modern day Siren

I can make you feel

the sensation of touch

without laying hands

on your body

But brace yourself

for when I do touch you

The laws of gravity

won’t be clear

The rules that govern your body

won’t be there

The shackles that limit your reality,

a thing of yesteryear

But you will be bound,


By the gates of consciousness

your orgasms lay bare

I’ll introduce you to versions

of yourself long unknown

The mask, the man, the matador

Metaphor melting into realty

Orgasms on the kitchen floor

All of this is real

All of this is you

All you have to do is

Allow yourself to feel

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