Unholy Confessions

I pushed him against the wall,


held his hands

above his head


with conviction

his body surrendered to mine

Heart to heart

the sensation was stronger

than fiction

each other’s primary


Pressed closely against him,

my thirst grew potent


wild down my thighs

but my focus never left him

With gentle strokes of desire

I felt him grow harder,

then Blitzkrieg, surprise

attack! Kisses landing

on his neck,

his chest,

right above his cock!

His heartbeat hastened

at a maddening pace

My lips persisted

landing in random places

to devastate his body with

pleasures once unknown

Skin so hot and anxious that the

singer moaned melodies for me

The Anticipation Album

As my fingers slowed, trailing to

his shoulders and across his clavicles

I noticed how his knees shook

and couldn’t resist his submissive skin

So I nibbled his neck

while my right hand moved

down his center

to claim what’s mine

the horse I would ride

and he sighed

Oh, how he sighed

letting out all that pent up


like a holy confession

So close to his glory,

but taking him then would

be too easy, so again

My hand wandered up his body

I laid kisses on his trembling lips


then sunk two fingers into his eager

mouth, forcefully

and lingered there for a time

nibbling on his ear

his rapid breathing was clear

he whimpered

and I whispered “you are fucking

Mine,” then I kissed away his fear

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