Occasional Experience

It’s through experiences,

positive and negative,

that we feel most deeply;

and through these experiences

that we truly live. They shape our

worldview– what we see, how we

perceive it, how we remember

and re-live it.

Experience is the scent

that dances in the air,

the emptiness of space

after your favorite face

disappears, the trail of darkness

left in the water.
I’m a haunter of the woods,

loving it less for its beauty

more for the solitude.

Telling you, “I love you,” is like cutting down trees,

cutting down trees to house insightful pages for no one to read.

I’d rather keep things as they are:
an occasional experience.

Ecstatic expressions of our inner turmoil.

We come together for a spontaneous journey.

Blinded by the lust, we’ve

left ourselves behind for a time.

Guided by the spirit of the landscape and bare instinct.

Along the course we share in

each other’s pleasure, contributing selflessly to the cause.

Cloud walkers, so high above it all.

Inebriated by the taste of bliss in the absence of thoughts.

Deconstruct to reconstruct, we become one,

seeing the common as strange, the wild as familiar.

Taking what is known and knowing it differently.

I won’t say “I love you,” but as rain and night fall on my body,

it’s you I want beside me.

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