Office Heat 2

Mr. Montgomery finally finds the strength to leave his chair. Still tormented by the encounter, he paces back and forth in front of his floor to ceiling office window. The legal ramifications alone of getting involved with a subordinate distress him. “Yes, the legal aspects, that’s it!” His dick grows harder. She has limited work experience, but her vision is captivating. Who is she to be making me feel this way? She is right though. I do want her. I want her at my mercy, on her knees before me. I want her to obey and admire me. I want to rip the slit at the back of her skirt and sit her down on my lap. I want her to water me.

Patrick opens the door of his office to confront Eve with his decision. He walks to the left in the direction of her office, but is discouraged by the Page delivering her mail. He changes position and heads for the refreshment area. Pretending to fill his glass with water, he peeks from behind the stone tiles of the cafeteria. Why is he still in there? He wonders.

The mailman with the sexy calves brings a soothing element to Eve’s day. For a few minutes, she can get lost in the intensity of his eyes. Defiant and direct, he holds her gaze while gliding the mail over her desk. Piece by piece, he parcels out the envelopes that bear her name. “Big day today?”

“Big day everyday,” She smiles, picking up the pieces of mail he has dealt to her like cards from a deck. She can’t help but bite her lip in anticipation of a game. “How’s your day so far?”

“Better now that I’m looking at you. Everything is brighter. You’re like a wet slug leaving trails of rainbows in your wake.”

She chuckles, “you got the wet part right. But slug? Did you mean slut?” she mocks him like Google. They both chuckle.

Mr. Montgomery is further tormented by their chemistry. Is she with him? Has he touched her intimately? No, she only wants me… does she really want me? Apart from work, we’ve barely spoken about anything. She must think I’m boring. Would that boy beat me in a race? I’d fight him for her. I’d put his face in the dirt then plant a kiss on her with his head under my boots.

He smiles and goes back to work.


Part 3

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