Need to Know 


I need to know her.

Taste her. Be beside her

as long as she allows it,

as long as the fire fuels us


In high definition

I’m dreaming of you

The moment I knew

I had to know you

Touch your lips

Kiss your face

Strip off your ego

And have a little taste


Ecstasy, ecstasy.

Stay here next to me.

Inquisitive gaze lay heavy

on me, questioning me.

She sees the fire

blossoming inside me.

Burning my eyelids.

A brush of her thigh and

she leans closer to me.

to kiss my neck and pour

gasoline on me. I had to

know her, taste her. Feel

her softness, her sorrow

her freeing. Hear her silence

and her scream. Kiss her so

profoundly that electric pulses

move from my tongue to her

whole epicenter. I had to know her

Devastate her body with

pleasure by touching her.

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