Intricate Co-dependence

At first we were nectarine dreams and super
nova kisses soothing vacant

We smiled in the dark embracing the thought
Oh the thought, that our shadows
shall no longer be apart, be
alone in the dark

We merged our madness,
the two of us eternally bound like embroidery to skin.
Together, we muted the voices within

The ones who told us we were
Rebellions bubbled in our bellies
And we fought,
how we fought to dull the knives threatening
to slice us open

We fought for each other then fucked in the dirt
Blood on your shirt, ecstasy
soaking my skirt

Yet, somehow we lost ourselves along the way. 

Now we walk on eggshells with tornadoes tied to
our toes
We walk with bleeding hearts and
poisoned gold, in search of a place
to lay still

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