Office Heat 3

By the end of the week Mr. Montgomery was present but absent, tirelessly thinking of Eve. “If work comes first when do I?” He was too transfixed to bother her about the proposal so Eve worked in blissful solitude, some days not leaving her office at all.

May 30th was the day of the presentation. She arrived early and transformed the conference room into the ultimate Beard Oil fantasy. Ironically, it wasn’t until he saw the room that Mr. Montgomery was jolted back to reality. Eve looked kindly at him, pointing to his intended seat “I’d like you over there, please” and quickly moved on. He knew it wasn’t a question.

The presentation played out like poetry. Eve inducted the group into her vision like a carefully crafted seduction. Between her words, gestures, and the atmosphere she created, they were transported to another dimension. A world with an air of mystery and intrigue where the only thing they knew for sure was:

Beard Oil is the product of the future

Beard Oil has mass appeal

Beard Oil is the pinnacle of happiness and success

Beard Oil is the elixir of life 

Flannel Funds was eager to get the product to market. They closed the deal on the spot circumventing weeks of negotiations. They put a rush on manufacturing and requested Eve for all future projects. Everyone left in high spirits.

After the presentation, Mr. Montgomery stayed to help Eve pack up her materials and close the office. They were the last two in the building.

“I’m very impressed with how you handled this project. It’s beyond what I could have imagined.” In truth, it was since his imagination primarily consisted of visions of him cumming too quickly and her rubbing it in his face as punishment.
Eve beamed, “Thank you.”

“Have a drink with me Patrick,” she commanded.

“Baileys on ice?” He asked.

She nodded.

He hands her the drink and she makes her way to his desk. Her back facing the door, she rests her ass gently on edge of the desk taking in the night lights of the city beneath them.

Mr. Montgomery walks over to Eve, unsure of where to sit so he stood, scotch in hand, beside her.

“You were exceptional tonight. I noticed a reckless abandon in your tone and manner. It’s like you were in a trance and took us all with you.”

“Is that so?” Eve replied.

“No wonder they signed so quickly. I’m sure they all had hard-ons thinking of the money you’ll make them.”

“Im sorry, I shouldn—”

“Relax Patrick,” she touched his arm and smiled, “it’s nice to hear you speak candidly.”

She takes a sip and he follows suit.

“You know, I should thank you for motivating me.”

“Motivating?” He asked wide eyed, “I thought I annoyed you!”

“Sometimes you do,” Eve responded honestly.

“Well I apologize for that. I’m glad to heard I play a small part in your success, but soon you’ll have this whole industry on its knees for you. That’s all your doing.” He takes another sip.

“I also wanted to apologize for the awkwardness earlier this week. I guess I was going crazy in my head imagining things that weren’t there.”

Eve turned to meet his gaze, “Who says they weren’t there?”

Patrick’s face lit up. Eve continued, “I’ve been soaking wet this whole time. I could feel it spread more when you put the image of the industry on its knees before me.”

“Really?” he asked, growing hard.

Eve held his gaze and slid back on the desk. She spread her legs and said,

“Feel for yourself.”

Patrick turned to study her face. She was serious. He put his drink down and stood between her legs. The desire in her eye was immaculate. He pressed a kiss on her lips, savoring every second.

When he finally pulled away, he said

“I’ve been waiting for this” his words were heavy with need.

“For so long,” his hands moved from her face down the sides of her blouse, caressing her breasts.

“Tell me more,” she kissed him as his hands reached her hips and squeezed her ass gently,

“I’ve been dying” he ran his hands down the sides of her pencil skirt and eased it up, “to know how you taste.”

He got on his knees behind his desk and faced her moisture. She was more radiant than the city lights beneath them.

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