No Words Wasted

It’s been some time that we’ve

been apart, but we are not here to talk.

We have catching up to do.

Inked flesh to fondle,

pierced places to kiss,

wet places to put things in,

and tongues to lick all over.

Tongue to tongue, I was always most

passionate with you.

Doing whatever it took to get you off

as you did the same for me.

You read what I wanted and you never

denied me.

Now here we are several years and several

lovers later.

Its you whos always lit my fire.

Sexual equals though the rest is murky.

I present my ass for a hit of you.

A divine dose of the connection

we’ve both been missing.

I press my lips on yours for the kissing.

Oh, how I love kissing you— feeling your

soft skin against mine,

your sweet taste even after all

the cigarettes.

Good lord you smoked a lot of

cigarettes, yet I crave you more

than you ever craved them.

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