Today was rough and easy.

I sold nothing. I ran hard.

Today I felt my body. I wept to feel it more.

Today I informed and I educated.

I wore the red lipstick that he likes.

I was late and I wondered where

my admirer went. Percocet quieted him

quick. Today I questioned myself. I felt

bad about the past. I noticed my body held sadness.

Today I listened to my knees — one carried pain.

Today I slowed my body, I put peace first.

I walked a mile until it didn’t hurt.

I ran in darkness. I ran with glee.

The mosquitoes ate parts of me.

Today I saw my neighbor at the grocery.

Ponytail and black clothes, just like me.

Maybe I should write sketch comedy

I wondered if he cooks. Later I wondered if he

saw me wondering, wanting to be touched.

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