Office Heat 4

As Patrick’s face inched closer to the wet fabric, a heightened sense of alertness washed over him. Running her hands through his hair, Eve looked down at him and bit her lips. Her stomach muscles tightened and her senses sharpened. The room brightened as his kiss landed on the velvety softness of her inner thigh. She bit her lip and he, watching her, swore he felt her teeth on him.

Moongoodess, she was moist and inviting and eagerly accepted his warm tongue on her clit. He brushed the back of his fingers across her stomach and worked one hand all the way up her blouse for a firm feel. The scope of her vision narrowed to his face – focused, his mouth – wet and agile.

He rolled his tongue between her lips, up and down, up and down. His tongue pressed against her firmly, like it had a specific marching order. She sighed as he sunk a finger inside her, keeping pace with the rhythm of his mouth. He claimed her clit, he claimed her hole, he claimed the liquid heat leaking from her that tasted of mangoes, pineapples, delicious island woman.

Her breath grew shaky, hips rolled like waves. He had pictured this moment a million times, but never did he imagine something so immense.

Closer, she needed him closer. Eve wrapped her legs around his head and drew him into her sex, her heat, her essence. Now she was filled with two of his fingers moving in and out of her and his relentless tongue working her up to her breaking point. She savored his movement, his method; she craved his length. Her inner muscles tightened as he continued the seductive bout.

“Fuck, that feels incredible. Don’t stop. Please… don’t”

He groaned against her pussy savoring every syllable of her pleas. His cock strained under the pressure of his trousers, but he didn’t care about that now. He had to keep going. To please Eve. Goosebumps rippled over her skin and her nails sunk into his shoulder deeper than before. Her pussy tightened around his fingers, then expanded. In quick succession, the movement repeated. She anchored onto him as the pleasure overpowered her. He kept going and she didn’t pull away like most women. She surrendered to it completely.

“Oh Patrick,” she moaned, pulling him up to kiss her. He pinned her to the desk and claimed her lips. He couldn’t get close enough, and just as he thought that, she spoke.

“Patrick, let me worship your cock.” She eased him up from her and took to her feet.

As he backed away, she admired him for a moment – messy brown hair, desire on his lips. She pushed him back, back, up against the glass window and unbuttoned his shirt. Her hands couldn’t reach his skin fast enough. They ached to touch and explore him, to know him intimately as he’d known her. She peeled off his undershirt and kissed him harder. He smelled exquisite and he tasted even better. He groaned against her mouth as his hands ran down her back to grab her ass.

She kissed the right side of his neck as her fingers worked to undo his belt, the middle as she undid his button, and the left side of his neck as she pulled his zipper down. Her lips returned to his as the pants fell from his hips. Her tongue drove into his mouth as her hand dug through the elastic band of his underwear. She didn’t have to go far to feel his full manhood pulsing beneath the fabric. There was more of him than she expected. Breaking their kiss, her lips pointed to his chest, down to his stomach, she even licked the sharp cuts of his obliques.

Eve bent down and pulled his underwear down with her. His cock popped free of the fabric and finally she was face to face with it. A strong vein ran from the base and the head was thick. She could already feel his mushroom tip going in and out of her.

She ran her tongue from the underside of his cock all the way up to his frenulum and gently licked it with the very tip of her tongue. Patrick braced himself against the glass behind him. She teased him with her tongue a bit more before finally taking his massive head into her mouth. His legs shook as she worked his cock. It fit so well between her lips. She used one hand to stroke him as her mouth picked up pace. Moving up and down, wetness all around him, his thick cock throbbed in her palm. His breath hastened and he fisted his hand into her hair. The other hand moving along her shoulder and down to her back. His nails met her skin, drawing lines on her back. A violent hunger ran from her skin to deep inside her core. She had to have him inside her now. She swallowed his cock one last time then stood up to face him.

“I can’t get enough of you,” she got on her tippy toes to kiss him.

He eased up from the glass, twirled her around, hugged her from behind, and planted kisses on her neck. They shuffled across the room with him curled like a comma on her back. The city lights were a hazy orange beneath them. She pressed her two hands to the glass and he covered her fingers with his. Now his cock pressed against her ass. He cupped her tits from behind her. She moved her ass gently against him. The heat of her body was undeniably animal. He kissed the back of her neck and down to her spine. Her palms slid down the glass as his tongue travelled to her ass. Even there, she was sweet. As he circled her opening with the tip of his tongue he could see the moistness running down her leg.

He held her cheeks apart and forced his tongue further inside her. She moaned gently against the glass. Her body was in trance again; swaying like before. He put two fingers in and out of her pussy as his tongue continued. She was so tight, so wet. The motion of his fingers was audible.

“Oh fuck” she moaned, breathless.

He continued to work her ass with his tongue. By now there were three fingers in her pussy. He had to push hard, as if fighting a current, to get them in, but he could tell she loved it.

“Patrick, I’m gonna cum again’’


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  1. When Rex and I make anal love I last for such a short time after he enters me and his fingers touch my clitoris!
    That was very sexy! Thank you!!!

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