A Desire that Hasn’t Been Named

With the Covid crisis in full swing, lone wolf Cath is forced to quarantine with displaced family members. Living with others is totally new to Cath, who usually stores lube like coasters on all her side tables. Sixteen days in, she’s desperate for an orgasm. Uninterrupted pleasure has been elusive with others constantly around. She decides to go to her car for a quickie.The quickie turns into a long, sensuous exploration of self as her excitement heightens and pent up desire pours out.

Finally there’s symmetry between her desire and her ability to act on it. She let her mind drift deeper into fantasy, placing herself in the video. She imagines the pressure of a full cock inside her. The texture, taste, and weight of a man.

Cath got so blissed out that she felt gratitude for the days she couldn’t cum. Her gloved fingers felt like someone else’s as they sunk inside her. She turned up the volume of Lana’s gangbang. As she climbed higher, a figure draped in black caught her eye. It was her sexy neighbor with the pitbulls. He stood a few feet from her car waiting for his unleashed dogs to finish. She couldn’t hold herself back, so she came hard while looking directly at him.

He consumed her with his gaze. Overcome by pleasure, she looked at him and smirked then went back to her video. She knew she’d see him again, but for now, she wanted to enjoy the moment. Besides, maybe he didn’t know what he saw. Her top half was clothed, after all, and she could have had her legs spread for any number of reasons.

A few days later Myles saw Cath again. She was walking alone with headphones and a vape pen. He was fascinated by her legs and face, the sinuous way she moved, and the hint of sadness in her eyes.

One of his dogs ran up to her. She stopped to pet the cute grey pit with pretty pink lips. Myles was dressed in all black again with his hood up. He approached Cath and apologized profusely, “I’m so sorry. She broke away” 

“No worries,” Cath said, bending over to pet the dog who was standing on her hind legs and balancing her front paws on Cath.

His caramel cheeks turned rose as he made eye contact with her and quickly looked away. “And um, I’m really sorry about the other night.” He cleared his throat. “I didn’t mean to interrupt.” 

“Oh, you didn’t,” she said with a smirk.

He bit his lip then asked “how are you holding up with all this? Are you still working?” 

“Yep, business as usual. And I have some family quarantined with me.” 

“Oh,” his eyes sparkled with understanding. “So the other night—”

“That was a last resort,” she smiled with a hint of danger. 

“I hope this isn’t too forward, but I have a place where I go to, uh, get away. It’s locked and secure. 1 key. You can borrow it anytime.”

Cath couldn’t fight her curiosity. They walked behind the homes towards the nature trail along the property. Myles went straight towards the shrubs, and started fumbling with chains. Then lifted a camouflage garage door. Behind that was a black door, which opened inward into what looked like the inside of a lava lamp.

Dimly lit with huge blobs of color moving slowing against the walls, the ceiling, the floor. There was a touch of madness in the air, the scent of smoke, James Blake fading in and out. Surprisingly, the worries of her reality melted away. She planted her toes in the fluffy carpet and felt herself come home to her body.

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