Killing Eve

I’ve got a new addiction and it’s this amazing show called Killing Eve. I’d heard about it, but never got a clear idea of what it was.

Pretty much it’s a love story between a British investigator and a Russian assassin. It’s totally female led and female driven. It’s funny because the main character’s husband is never fully fleshed out. I remember thinking “damn, we don’t know much about him. He’s just there in the kitchen or there in her bed” but that’s exactly how women are portrayed in most shows or movies.

This show has female villains, female heroes, female antiheroes and everything in between. I really enjoy the use of sexual tension and the acknowledgement of dark unexplained desires. There is a charge between the assassin Villanelle and the person pursuing her, Eve. It’s so natural, almost biblical. It’s a call and an answer. Gravity and weight. Tragic and magic.

It’s funny. Blunt. Not much sexual imagery on screen, but lots of hinting at it, and no desire to hide it however twisted it may be by traditional standards. It appears that a lot of people hunting these killers are actually drawn to them sexually. Right and wrong are muddied by gnawing desires.

I have to be careful with my words because I don’t want to give anything away, but if you were a fan Dexter, this show meets a higher standard. I was going through withdrawals since finishing the first two seasons, but apparently there’s a third. The show airs BBC and AMC. I found the first 2 seasons on Hulu. I’ll be purchasing season 3 from Amazon because I simply cannot wait for it to hit Hulu in December.

One more thing, the show is unique in its dark and twisted ways. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that one of the lead writers is Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who wrote and starred in Fleabag as the main character. If you enjoyed that twisted yet tragic comedy show, Killing Eve is a must watch.

Overall Rating: 4/5. Point deducted for lack of sex scenes 😅

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