Seducing the Census Man, Pt. 1

It was a gloomy Friday evening. All day the sky was dark and leaky like a WAP. I sat inside scrolling subreddits, bored out of my fucking mind. Suddenly, my little dog’s massive voice filled the room as he ran to the door. “Tail, come here” I called. Knock knock went the door again. What a pleasant surprise; I wasn’t expecting anyone. I pulled my Auburn Dad’s club sweatshirt over my hot nipples and headed to the door.

Peeping through the hole I saw a tall brown man with dark hair at my door. “US Census” he said, holding up a badge to the glass. I opened my door to connect with the human. He was very curious about me – asking things like if I lived alone, where I stayed on April 1st, my birthday, etc. 

“Aries women are fiery,” he said. 

Turns out his wife and I have the same birthday. She left him 5 years ago back when he was drowning in patriarchal bullshit and failed to fully appreciate her. I searched his eyes and found sorrow there. He knows better now. I could sense he wanted to repent and there was something about him that made me ache to taste his surrender.

I invited him in for worship at my pussy’s altar. He was soaking wet from his door to door endeavors. I handed him a towel as his plump pink lips shivered from the AC. After closing the door behind us I commanded gently, “take off your clothes.”

He looked at me with wonder. “What did you ask?” 

“I didn’t ask.”

He threw the towel over his shoulder and held my gaze as he unbuttoned his pants.

His body was better than I imagined. Dark hair on his chest, defined arms, hard little nipples. Firm pecks – this dude clearly wasn’t missing chest day. He had a moderately toned stomach with oblique lines I ached to trace with my tongue. 

We discussed limits – which for him were few. “Do nothing to cause me major harm, do get out your frustrations, do use me until you are satisfied, do slow down when I say yellow and stop when I say red.”

His shoulders were broad, veins bulging there. So visceral this man, it made me wet just counting all the veins on him. There were bicep veins, veins on his arms, a few moderate ones pulsing on his neck. Mmm, fucking veins! As someone who is truly dead inside, veins remind me that there is life. Like communing with Jah, so stabilizing to see the blood coursing beneath skin. 

I bit my lips and inched closer to him.

“You look fucking tasty,” I whispered before pulling away.

I led him to the couch and pushed him onto it. With the silk belt to my robe I tied his hands behind him. Suddenly the room felt bigger, the air lighter, my mood began to elevate. I put my favorite playlist on shuffle and Poly Sutra began to play. He watched me light candles before I blindfolded him. A massive wine glass in my hand, I picked up my ostrich feather and walked over to him. Running lines from neck to navel. He squirms beneath me. A sip of wine and I exchange the feather for a candle. Ever so gently, I hold the heat high above him and aim. 

to be continued..

(P.S. – In the meantime make sure you fill out your census, y’all! 😜)

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