Past Lives, Arranged

I can’t help looking at my past pleasures and thinking they were the best it will ever get.

I think I blew him on their balcony while his wife was on vacation

I was auditioning sugar daddies and he was fit & forty so I decided I could seek him without an arrangement.

Our second meeting was at his home. He made me chicken almondine, mashed potatoes, and cauliflower.

A white plate in this white man’s home with pictures of his white wife & kids on the walls.

So many pictures.

He’d told me they were separated so I assumed he moved out and burned her in effigy

Their home was beautiful – a 6 bedroom house with pool and jacuzzi

on some sprawled out property. Stood on his balcony he bragged to me

That his closest neighbors wouldn’t hear us no matter how loud we were

I had plans to dip my feet in the water, plans to tease and gently seduce,

But he was fixated on where his cock would go.

Kissing him felt different that evening. His 5 o clock shadow felt like

Sand paper on my face, yet I simply could not resist him.

His middle age body was rock hard. I could tell this was the most fit

he’s been his entire life. He was bold, but still wobbly with the confidence.

Unfamiliar with the the taste of decadent, sinful lust, tease & denial.

Lucky for him, I was there to teach it.

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