They don’t kiss the same.
One has more force
behind his.

The other, restrained
intent. He had me in the doorway
pressed against the frame

Kisses to my chin, the corner
of my lips,
down slowly to my neck

A hand grips my tit
then slides up to caress my face.

His thumb slides across my lips
parting them gently as his eyes
lock with mine. Heavy breathing

from the both of us.

I tilt my head back and wet his
finger with my mouth
sucking ever so sweetly

I know he wants me
& it burns me up
how we explore each other first.

My eyes fall to his lips
and again they’re on mine.
His tongue slipping in from time
to time

The way he breathes
The way he closes his eyes
The melody of his moans
The way he fucking feels me
& feels against me

All that desire one cannot buy
Out of this pair, I prefer
the sensual guy.

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