He has curly hair, blue eyes, tan skin, and the cutest little freckles on his nose! They stand out more when he’s wet with his glasses off. I’d like to kiss him with his glasses off. Feel him fumble his way around me. Fondle me, and I him.

Freckles, right now, is making me come alive. Desire is ablaze inside me again and I fucking love it!

He is so cute with his little nose freckles and pink lips. He is super mellow – a stoner, a shroomer, a still lives-at-home-with-his-parents-er… I’m not quite sure why that is yet, but I’m keeping an open mind. Maybe he had his shit together, but Covid caused a setback?

I’m not too concerned as I’m just looking for someone to have fun with. Someone to vibe with and share flesh.

I have not met him yet, but he’s a good talker. He says all the things I would like to hear, sometimes its a little suspect – like why would you put so much faith in me so early? But I’m enjoying it anyway. I understand that some men are sweet talkers. I will do my best not to get attached. Not to take his words too seriously. Only enjoy the little hit of aliveness it brings to me in the moment.

Remind myself that feelings are fickle and fleeting and the beginning is often promising. I hope I enjoy him more in person. I hope we have good chemistry. I crave a passionate fucking. Primal, sensual. He’s so cute. I want to sit on his face.

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