You are laying on the bed sideways with your head hanging down the side. He stands there, towering above you with his cock resting on your nose. You are naked on top, damped panties below.

You open your mouth and stick your tongue out. You love the tip of his cock on the edge of your tongue, how it lingers a little, capturing more moisture, and when he pulls it out there is a line of saliva that runs from the cock to your mouth… all that wetness and you’ve only just begun. 

He puts it back in and you take more this time. It’s wet and slippery and your horny mouth eagerly opens to receive it. 

In and out several times and you loosen up even more. You’re stunned at how your throat responds to his veiny cock, your pussy grows wetter and wetter, just like your mouth. 

He reaches down to grab your tits, pinch the nipple gently, you moan and open wider for his cock. By now you’re taking almost all of it. And his hands move down to your stomach to feel between your legs. He growls as he feels your wetness. He plays with your clit for a little then moves his hands raking up your stomach with his nails leaving a trail of wetness on your skin. The fan blows on your tummy and goosebumps cover your entire body. 

You shiver.

He brings his hand to your face and caresses it gently, then he takes hold of his cock and rubs it over your face, all that wetness, such a mess. He puts the cock back in your mouth and slowly moves in and out, careful to not go too hard and hurt you. As his hips move his left hand cups your tit again and the right hand reaches down to tease your throbbing wet pussy. He sinks a finger inside you and you moan on his cock. He pulls out the lubed up finger and uses that to massage your swollen clit. You never thought a cock in your throat could feel this good,  but then again, you’ve never had a man like him. Gentle, yet primal. Savagely animal, communicative, and perceptive, with attention to detail to discern when a tender touch is best. 

The more turned on the both of you get, the more he starts to move faster. Letting his cock fill your throat longer.

“I’m going to make you cum with my cock inside your throat” he says and you mumble something back in response. 

He reaches over to the bedside table and grabs the bottle of sliquid lube you have there, along with your favorite toy, The Melt, and pours some of the liquid inside the clit sucker. You are already wet, but he knows you love the sound of wetness. He places the toy on your clit and turns on to level 1.  

As the sensation washes over you your legs start to tremble. “I love seeing your body’s response.” He growls as he sees what he’s doing to you. The pleasure he’s causing. 

He moves the toy and rubs in some of that lube with your natural wetness. Then he puts the toy back and continues to fuck your throat. 

You continue like this for a while. He takes you close to the edge of orgasm several times but then takes the toy away when your body starts to tense. Your stomach muscles. Your quaky legs. He moves the toy and drags his nails across your abdomen. Marking your delicate skin with his big wolf hands. 

You’re so distracted by the pleasure of it, the delightful torture, that your body opens up to him. Your mouth, wider than before. He lets you cum when his entire cock is buried in your throat. He has the toy on your clit and 2 fingers inside your pussy. When you do come, it’s a mighty storm, like a force of nature. He feels the spasms of your body radiating from your pussy all the way up to your throat. You pulse strongly around his cock and he grows more animal inside you. All that desire you’ve unleashed has stripped him of his inhibitions and he pulls the cock out, standing as an animal before you as you lay spent and trembling on the bed. 

He comes around to the other side of the bed, by your legs and he runs his hands gently down the side of your body. He leans down to kiss your skin, his tongue tracing the raised skin that his nails caused. He nudges you to open your legs and he kisses your inner thigh. Getting close to your still pulsing pussy, he turns his head and puts his mouth on your inner thigh. His teeth sink into your delicate skin and you cry out in pleasure. He growls as he alternates between gentle kisses and firm nibbles all up along the length of your thigh. You moan as the pain mixes with pleasure.

“I want more cock,” you whisper and he stops mid bite to look up at you. There’s a desperate hunger he has created in you and the corners of his lips raise in a smile.

“Not yet, little one. It’s my turn to taste you.”


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