Staggered Desires Unleashed

I free my fantasy by arranging it neatly on paper and pushing it across the table for you to see.

The things I want to do to you are unspeakable. Not because I can’t speak the words, but because I’m shaky in my mastery of the language of love. This desire needs more than spoken words to be fully expressed, so I’ll use my pen, my body’s movement, a splash of vanilla in the air, colors, textures, temperatures – hot and cold, melanated flesh ornated in gold.

Straight up dialogue is not satisfactory. I’m a writer, not a talker. So writing is the only way I can fully express my lust. The best way, the most sensual way. I like to think how I’m going to touch you before I can describe it to you. I spend a lot of time in my head. In fantasy, in the past, flagellating myself for things left unsaid or dreaming up new realities.

I’m very meticulous about your perception of the sensations I’ll employ. How you’ll look at me as you give and receive my erotic energy

I free my fantasy by writing it down on paper

I am a writer. I offer you this page as a cook would offer you a plate.

This is my offering

This is me


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