Savage X Fenty Review

I was looking for durable, yet cute lingerie at a decent price. So I decided to try something different. A girl friend of mine has a subscription to Savage X Fenty and seemed quite happy with it. Plus a few sex educators I follow on Instagram were shilling it and the pieces looked pretty damn cute, so I decided to give it a try.

I typically hate subscription model businesses, so that had prevented me from signing up sooner. What made me feel a little better about Savage was that you could shop or “skip” a month by the 5th to not be charged at all. What I didn’t like was the fact that the store doesn’t do refunds, only store credit. So if your forget to “skip” then the money is theirs and you must spend it (or have store credit forever).

I got my membership around Christmas time and signed up with the understanding that I could get 2 bras or bralettes for 29 bucks plus 50% off everything else and free shipping. So that first order I choose two super cute bras, a bralette, and some panties. I think I spent maybe 50 all together before taxes and handling fees.

Once the order was placed they said it would take 6-14 business days to arrive. That sucks compared to what Amazon Prime does, but I was fine with it. Over 3 weeks later my order still had not arrived. Maybe a month later I saw that everything was “delivered” but all I got was a single item out of 5 that I’d ordered.

I called them to get the items re-sent to me but they said they were sold out. All they could do was credit my account for the amount of the orders I didn’t receive. No refunds, remember, just store credit.

So I got like 22 bucks credited to my account, but I was SOL on the deal. I did not receive the thing they advertised which was 2 bras for 29 and 50% off everything else. It became evident that was just for the first order. When I went back to pick something else to use the store credit I noticed after that the price of everything went up. Nothing was 50% off anymore AND to top it off, there was now a shipping fee. Maybe Amazon Prime spoiled me, but I was under the understanding that being a member of Savage meant free shipping on everything always, not just the first order.

I finally decided to get a second bra (24.95 price point) with my 22 dollar credit. After taxes and a 5 dollar shipping fee I had to come out of pocket with another 11 dollars. Which is a rip off because again, I was supposed to get 2 for 29. Because of their shitty practices I was forced to buy 2 separately and not get the benefits of the offer they marketed to me.

My last order was placed on Feb 8th. For a while it said it would arrive on Feb 20th. Since that date the tracking info just said “it’s on the way” with no updated arrival date. This was very frustrating. After waiting over a month, the item finally arrived and I cancelled my membership.

I couldn’t find any reviews on their immense shipping delays and overall business fuckery online, so I decided to write this so any of my lingerie loving readers considering joining can be warmed – do not, I repeat, do not sign up for Savage X Fenty. They are not doing business as advertised. They are not shipping everything you order as a way to get out of honoring the pricing they pull you in with (major bait and switch) and they don’t care about anything but taking your money.

I’m also going to post on BBB so others can be warned, but you’re better off getting lingerie from Amazon or Target than getting this raggedy ass Savage X Fenty membership.

  • Quality: 3/5
  • Customer Service: 1/5
  • Pricing: 1/5
  • Shipping: 1/5
  • Overall Experience: 1/5

5 thoughts on “Savage X Fenty Review

  1. I don’t presently have a need for lingerie subscriptions but the pic of this post really warms me up. I want to nestle myself in behind her, wrap a leg underneath, and run my hands over her sun-warmed body, kissing her neck, cupping a breast, and sliding a hand into her panties… just a little sunny day fantasy

    1. Not presently, huh? 😄
      Thanks sharing your sunny day fantasy with me. I can picture it quite well, being that I’m somewhat familiar with the sight of your body. I could sit directly before you, watching what you do to her, how she responds, where your fingers disappear to… just the voyeur in me

      1. I do like the sound of that. I have no doubt that she’d writhe and moan as my fingers dipped inside, that she’d press herself back against my hardness, her soft skin alone bringing me to the brink before you come over to take control…

      2. As arousal & sunlight fill the room, I can keep to myself no longer. I come over to you both and squeeze in behind you, curling like a comma around you. I reach forward to run my hand through her luscious curls then down to her breast to feel what you were feeling, this delicate sun-kissed skin you’ve been so lost in. Though it’s sunny out, hard nipples press into your back. My other hand makes it’s way to your _______, which throbs as I form a fist around it.

      3. She trembles at your touch, rolling her head back, and I settle myself back a bit into your body behind mine as you touch her. I feel your skin, your hard nipples, your breath—I can almost feel your heartbeat. I plunge a finger inside her wetness; she’s dripping and, I hope to myself, so are you. Your hand grips my _____ and you just squeeze and feel me, the pulsing, the throbbing in response to your touch, your presence, her moans, her wet pussy. Your hand starts to move, still gripping me firmly, and almost immediately I erupt with pleasure, cumming on her back, on your hand, the hot stickiness of the moment connecting us…

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