Still River Seduction

Beyond your wet panties lay bare the truths of this man. As you peel back his layers, you must remain calm. You know what you want and your path is clear.

Still River; you are not a tsunami.

Master the art of anticipation. Get off on it. Because that is all there will be until you figure out if he’s trustworthy, you-worthy. If you need to fuck, have others in the rotation for that.

With the one you really like, you embrace seductive restraints. Savor every inch of that rising tension.

Do makeout for ages in your doorway.
Do not invite him in.

Teach him that with you, he’ll be left wanting more.

You, be patient.

Have other sources of dopamine than just him. Workout. Sext. Make your sensual art. Flirt with hotties. Masturbate. Live a pleasurable life. Seek it out in all aspects of your day.

Delayed gratification. Pent up tension. Electric lust. Still River to seduction.

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