Delta 8

I never thought it was possible to love something more, yet here I am thoroughly enjoying my entanglement with Delta. It’s got my mind calmer, quieter. Intrusive thoughts are more at bay.

I still have my worries, my anxious thoughts, and my paranoia, but that all feels to be at a safer distance. It’s accessible, not constant like the dread I’m used to feeling in my belly.

So I’m not smoking my usual dose of THC, no, I’m getting some TLC from that Delta 8, baby! It’s good for my workouts. It’s good for my sleep. It’s good for helping me stay focused at work; and surprisingly, it makes me think clearer & execute better.

Here I am holding eye contact and licking my lips. Cracking jokes like social anxiety isn’t my middle name. Who am I? The Delta has me in touch with myself… my true self. I walk around embodied and fully alive. Thank you Jah for this medicine.

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