My boss doesn’t mind if I raid his liquor cabinet. He says there’s just a few bottles that he doesn’t want opened.

I have a job where I can drink at work, never worry about failing a drug test (marijuana), and the opportunity to make a really good living.

Lately I’ve been taking it for granted. Half the time I don’t want to be here, and it shows. It’s not the people I work with, necessarily. It’s the way I feel here. The customers have a way of getting to me. Getting under my skin. And even though I pretend to have thick skin, the way they treat me really weighs on me.

I really want to know what it’s like to be treated well. Consistently. To be loved, consistently. To be someone’s priority. Consistently. I crave stability. I love my solitude, but I crave community. I crave togetherness. Consistently.

I need to stop taking my job for granted. I have it pretty fucking good here. People stay out of my way. For the most part. I need to cultivate hobbies outside of work. Keep my creativity flowing. Keep embodied movement alive, like a garden inside. And focus, really focus on my work. I could be making a massive impact on the company and my community (plus more money) if I gave a shit. Consistently.

2022 I’m going to strive for consistency. Maybe if I’m employing it I will attract more of it. Either way, I think it would bring me more peace. Above all else, I need to be at peace.

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