Warm Tape

I’m ready to surf the seductive chaos of romantic pursuits. I’m feeling at peace, ass looking bomb in the suit. I’ve got my sea legs beneath me; not shaken, agile. Surrendering to the current of love. Oh sweet lust, please don’t kill me.

Whatever madness awaits after my touch cup overflows, I welcome it. I’m ready to move through you as you move through me. I’m ready for him beneath me with his tongue on my clit and two fingers inside. I’m ready to worship and be worshiped as long as I’m worshiped first and for longer. I’m ready to appease the hunger, to trip on the lust, bounce on his shaft – fast, fast, fast!

I’m ready to let go and be in control. I’m ready to trust and show myself. I’m ready to utter my desires and watch them come alive; to say his name when I cum and see that glazed look in his eyes.

I’m ready to leave my scent on him and steal his sweatshirts and boxers. I’m ready to have someone hold me instead of sleeping alone.

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