I’ll Free Myself with Melody Instead of Verse

The saxophone intrigues me.

The things I feel for this instrument I recognize in my body as more than excitement, it’s arousal, connection, a path to freedom.

I write to unburden myself, but sometimes certain truths are too heavy to put on paper. What’s natural becomes unnatural to me. I forget how to hold my pen, I lose track of the sequence of letters on my keyboard.

Sometimes there’s poetry in sound.

So I’m feeling this soul altering connection to the saxophone. Like maybe, just maybe, when I lose my mind and still have control over my breath, maybe I can breathe new stories into the world. Maybe I can soothe my sad, lonely soul with the saxophone. Maybe it will heal me? Maybe it’s a good place to put these emotions.

Maybe this time I’ll free myself with melody instead of verse.

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