Lust at First Tie, 2

It’s 2AM and I smell like Mister Jones! I’m drunk on lust and I don’t want this sensation to end.

After our rope session ended, there was the opportunity to mingle with others and play if we so choose. The only thing is, there was a mask rule in place, so after wandering around the dungeon hand in hand, pushing each other up against surfaces, and eye fucking like crazy, we decided to go grab a drink.

We thanked the hosts on our way out and then we were in a dimly lit parking lot. He walked me in the direction of my vehicle. I told him the name of the Speakeasy that I wanted to go. He acquiesced. And then as I put my phone away he pulled me in for a hug. I gave him a nice hug and pulled away slowly. Lingering. He took my face in his palms and leaned down to kiss me.

At the cocktail joint, we were seated at the same table I sat last time with the next guy. Tonight was much better! Tonight there was intense eye contact, leaning toward each other, flirty touching, deep conversation. Tonight there was freedom, and I felt seen. No one checked their phone while I spoke of my demons. He actually listened to me, danced with me, held me close and passionately kissed me.

Mr Jones is such a sweetheart. He didn’t ask to come back to my place at the end of the night. He walked me to my vehicle and told me how excited he was to see me again.

We kissed some more by my truck. He was surprised I drove such a big vehicle and asked what I used the bed for. I told him I might get a new rug soon. Then I was pressed up against the wet truck and lost in the magic of his lips. He is a much better kisser than the next guy. More passionate. I love the way he touches me while we kiss. His hands are respectful but exploratory.

Based on the kisses and the chemistry, I can confidently say I want to fuck this guy.

I knew for sure when I felt him play with my proprioception when I was tied and he kept pulling on the ropes. Pulling me so I’d crash into him. Into his chest, into his warmth, into his sensual embrace. Everytime I fell into him he would receive me with a pleased sigh. And as I melted into him he would lean down and bury his face in my neck to inhale my vulnerability. It was so erotic, so sexually charged. I knew right then that I’d have to fuck him.

We kissed endlessly in the parking lot.

We were so lost in each other that the pay station police came around issuing citations and it wasn’t until she attempted to put one on his car that we noticed her presence. He told her we were leaving. She said my ticket was already printing out. I took the citation and a few more kisses before we said goodnight.

Part 3

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