A Remedy for the Madness?

A remedy for the madness?
Micro moments of joy

I cum. I sleep.
I sweat. I eat.

I celebrate specific
hungers and indulge them, I do.

Other day, I got a mini oreo cake.
It was fine. Too much frosting,

But the presence I felt
sitting down with a slice..

I felt at place in my body
At home in my home

I felt connected. I felt in charge. I enjoyed
being in agreement with my want

It’s quite affirming to be in alignment.
To not argue with oneself.

To sit and eat and write
whenever the mood strikes

I write honestly. I name my
demons and release them

It’s more peaceful that way, to not
be at war with what I want to say.

To not shackle my tongue
with the chains of perfection

I speak. I eat.
I sweat. I sleep.

Well, I try to sleep. For a dreamer,
I’m quite bad at it.

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