Public Tease

“I started training again this morning. I’m all full of testosterone and sensual thoughts,” his text lit up my screen.

“Boxing? And what shall we do with those sensual thoughts?”

“Yes. If you’d like to meet up in a public place for some highly kinky experiments… I’m down to play.”


He sent me a screenshot of what looked to be the menu for a remote controlled device. His cursor was on the tab that said Pattern at the top of the page. The other option was Playlists.

Beneath that were four circles with random lines charted inside them. They were labeled below the circles as Pulse, Wave, Fireworks, and Earthquake.

Below that was a plus sign to Create New Pattern, followed by the list of patterns he had created so far. Among them were
– 40 Minute Game,
– An Hour of Teasing for My Pet,
– Public Bus ;),
– 😈 Hard and Intense Punishment

Fuck, I was in trouble in the best possible way!

“I’m game,” I wrote back.

Part Two.

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