the back of your neck, the small of your back

After lunch we sat in his car and talked some more. We had been gone for hours, but it felt like minutes.

He looked over at me and I looked at him. He reached his hand across to my headrest slowly and touched the side of my neck, then my clavicle, then the back of my neck. One finger grazed against the collar of my shirt as he took his hand away.

I sighed and shifted in my seat. It’s not that I didn’t want his touch, but I didn’t want him to see what he did to me.

A few hours later, he had a proposition. We slip into an empty office. He will touch me in two places and two places only: the back of my neck and the small of my back. He will kiss all the places he touched earlier and bite my traps.

I could feel the heat building in me, rising from my pussy to my belly to my tits to my face. He could read it all over me from that crooked smile I gave him and the way I pressed my thighs together and bit my lip.

I shook my head, “no” and smiled devilishly at him.

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