The thing about emotions is when you’re in the depths of one is when you’re most capable of experiencing others.

The other thing about emotions is they are captivating, they may capture you.

Like when you’re in love and you lose it and grief feels heaviest

You actually have a deeper means by which to experience pleasure in this state, but grief is greedy, charming, incredibly persuasive.

Like a fuckboy, it will lead you to believe it’s the only option, but baby there’s more; so much more!

When you’re feeling down and truly dead inside, it’s the best time to do things that make you feel alive

Allow yourself to be seduced by the aliveness. Darkness can wait. Use the sunlight to mark your darkest corners with gems and trinkets and things to help you find your way out.

Let go and let light in. Feel the sensations deep in your marrow as profoundly as you feel like a shell of a person on autopilot

You can’t avoid feelings, but you can strategize against them. Become a mathematician. Create your own emotional equations.

Go through the order of operations. Do not stay stuck on one feeling for too long.

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