your at-home-ness

Should we be toe to toe,
or back to back?

Back to back first,
I think

Back to back so we can feel
our intentions

I’ll keep your secrets
if you’ll keep mine

I’ll keep goosebumps
on your skin

I don’t need to see
your face

while you’re confessing,
but I bet it looks cute

painted with emotion

I bet your lips look
good in motion, but

I only need to feel
your breathing

Your heart rate calming
The texture of your skin

Your posture relaxing
Your warmth

Your at-home-ness

They won’t lie
or lead me astray

I’m trying not to get
carried away,

Lifted up like a helium
ballon. I’m trying

Not to be led astray
while also trying to feel alive

And, hey, who says I can’t fly?

2 thoughts on “your at-home-ness

  1. What a lovely, enticing image, this back to back-ness, just feeling, sensing, being. And listening—to breathing, to movement, to quickening heartbeats and furious fingers… it’s like I’m there

  2. Oh Mercutio, this is the the loveliest comment. The goal is always to make it feel like you’re there feeling the things I’m describing, witnessing my wanting… Thanks for coming on the journey.

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