Double Trouble

Fantasy and reality are finally colliding. Is this what it feels like to be fully alive? To live in my body instead of warring with myself in my mind?

I didn’t quite understand the extent of his desire for me until he practically pushed his girlfriend out of the way to get a taste of me.

It was an evening unlike any other. My friend and I went to a charity event where we volunteered as bartenders.

I wore black jeans, a red and black flannel shirt, black boots, and red lipstick. My mind was so worry-free that I also wore a smile most of the evening.

There were very few women at the event, as it was an old boys club type thing where they serve their hunt and auction off guns and power tools. Total sausage fest, and there I was smiling with my chest bone visible (people with bigger tits show cleavage, I show sternum 🤣).

It was a great night. I worked the bar, flirted with men, got huge tips, and spent some time with my guy friends. I donated all my earnings to the charity because the crowd energy alone was compensation enough for me.

The hours went by quickly. I was so busy bartending that I had no buzz whatsoever, just giggles from the pen. My girl friend who came with me didn’t feel like going out, so the boys and I headed to a bar after.


I was getting ready to take the shot of tequila I’d been craving all evening long when I looked to the right and saw 1/2 of the couple I was kind of seeing.

“Omg, hi Jonny!” I went over and gave him a hug. He and his lady were on a date night. I said hello to her when she returned. She hugged me and let her hands linger at the small of my back.

I chit chatted with them for a while then went back to my group. By then, someone had had my tequila shot so I asked for another, along with a Yuengling.

I hadn’t drank in a while, and quite frankly I was intoxicated from the energy of the night. One shot + sipping on my beer + the occasional puff of the pen had me buzzing.

As the night went on, the bar grew darker and more colorful lights started appearing. It was under the haze of a lusty blue that Kristina came to me and whispered in my ear.

“Hi beautiful, can I steal you for a second?”

She took my hand and led me to the back of the bar to another room —dimly lit, with a bunch of pool tables, games, and super tall booths.


Kristina’s skin tight galaxy-looking silver dress hugged her curves so well that I wanted to be the dress. Jonny was wearing a blue button up with a few buttons undone. They both looked hot. Jonny stepped back and watched as Kristina and I danced.

She was more bold in here —coming closer to me and singing in my face, flipping her hair as she turned seductively; God, I loved her energy. We were chest to chest at some points, nose to nose, lips quivering across from each other.

Several songs later, we headed to the booths with Jonny. Kristina sat me beside him and she stood before us. “I’m going to dance for you,” she said looking at the two of us.

As the song played she moved sinuously to the beat. Then she was straddling me. My hands instinctively moved up and down the sides of her body

Soon, I felt Jonny’s lips on my neck, then hers on the other side. The duality of both their lips on me was enough to make my legs shake. They each kissed up my neck to my jaw, then all our lips came together for a triple kiss.

When she pulled away to continue dancing, he grabbed my face and overwhelmed me with passionate kisses. Then I pulled away and brought their faces together so I could watch them kiss. Then Jonny’s lips were on mine again.

While he kissed me, I felt her undoing my buttons. I was nervous, but I wanted it. I ran my fingers through her hair. Her lips landed on my stomach first, then up, up, up to my chest.

“Oh fuck, Kristina” I moaned softly.

She had my bra pulled down with my little tit in her mouth. She could tell I liked it. She moved her hands down to my jeans as she continued sucking and eye fucking me.

I lifted my ass slightly and I don’t know how she did it, but she managed to lower my pants, spread my legs, pull my panties to the side, and plant kisses on my inner thigh in what felt like seconds. Then her lips moved to my sensitive center. Feeling her there plus Jonny’s hand on my exposed breast, the kisses, the caresses; I was lost in the pleasure.

“She tastes so good, baby” she said looking to him.

Before I knew it, Jonny was on his feet and in another swift movement he was on the ground kneeling before me. Kristina was still eating my pussy, but he forced himself between my legs and practically pushed her out of the way in excitement. Soon his head was burried between my thighs and my hand was raking through his hair.

Kristina sat beside me, biting her lip as she watched her boyfriend. I could tell how invested she was in his pleasure, and in mine, which made her look even sexier.


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