Just a thought

My friend got this cool new toy and sent me a video of him using it. It’s kind of like a fleshlight, but with more… body to it.

It’s essentially the pelvis of a woman with a butt and pussy; very natural looking. The video of him fucking it was exceptionally hot.

He said there’s a male version too, so naturally, I looked it up. Would be nice to have a dildo I don’t have to suction onto something or manually fuck myself with.

The only thing is the male version is a whole torso with abs and dick and the beginnings of the thighs. So it’s like a half person! Would someone consider me a freak for having a half of a male figure sex doll?

Also if I quit my job to travel, what do I do with it? Put my half-man in storage?! Hahah This is outrageous.

There are two versions —one called Channing with a 7incher and the other is called Tiger with 8+ inches of length. I’d go with Channing since he’s only 30 lbs, whereas Tiger is 60 lbs. That sounds like a lot of torso to be dragging around for only an inch more of cock.

And still my question is where would I keep this toy? My friend said under the bed – I said that would freak someone out if they saw it there. He said, who’s gonna be looking under your bed? I said, some innocent guy on the floor playing with my dog.

I can’t stop thinking about the shock of it to someone, especially a guy who’s more vanilla 🤣. Would he run out the house immediately or what? Idk why, but that’s all my brain is focused on and it makes me laugh so hard.

If I do end up getting one one day, I’ll keep him naked under my bed to test the theory.

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