Killing Time

Their first night together was nothing like she imagined. She spent most of the night with eyes closed wishing him to touch her.

Determined to be a gentleman, he stayed on his side of the bed until around 4AM when he rolled over and looked at her. She was still sleeping, it seemed, so he maneuvered as quietly as possible to slip out of bed and retrieve something from his bag, then it was back to bed, but this time he got in on her side, straddling her.

Finally, she thought.

He caressed her freckled face with one hand while the other disappeared into the pocket of his robe.

Kenna opened her eyes to find Klaus on top of her with a faraway look in his eyes and a knife in his hand.

She looked at him and smiled, ‘‘you’re so good at that.”

“G-good at what?” He stammers.

“Good at making me feel safe.”

“You do realize I’m about to kill you?”

“Yes,” she shuffled underneath him and lengthened her legs, “but I didn’t see it coming. You’re good at playing present.” She reached a hand up to itch her nose.

Klaus was stunned. How could she be so chill, so utterly relaxed? She didn’t look worried, he sensed no tension in her body, no panic in her pulse. Nothing. Nothing about her demeanor was different to how she was before he expressed ill intent.

What the fuck was going on, he wondered. What’s wrong with her?

Kenna closed her eyes and stretched both arms out. It was still warm on the left side where Klaus was laying. She smiled as her arm pushed under the warm sheets and pillows, his warmth.

She looked like she was meditating or something, it actually began to scare Klaus. Something about her was so hypnotic, though, that he literally couldn’t look away.

Soon, his why became murky. All he could do was watch Kenna in amazement. He wasn’t sure what it was about her not fearing him, not fearing death even, that filled his cock with want.

Having survived several near death experiences, Kenna understood the importance of controlling her controllables. In this moment, her mind was the only controllable. She felt no shame for being led here, she felt no regret for going out this way, she didn’t do anything she didn’t want to do along the way, and that sense of agency was enough to keep her inner critic quiet.

She closed her eyes and visualized all the things she was grateful for. She had a good life. She was ready to go. She smiled bigger and stretched some more. Then once the visualizations were over, once she ran out of things to be thankful for she finally opened her mouth and said, “Why aren’t you killing me?”

“Why are you so eager to go?”

“I’m not, but it feels like this is taking you longer than usual.”

“Than usual? So you think I’ve killed before?”

Kenna laughed, “of course.’’

She didn’t open her eyes to see, but she sensed the words pained him.
“Why aren’t you killing me?” She asked again.

“Why aren’t you looking at me?”

“I don’t know… I guess I’m not ready to let go of the vision of you I had before, the one I was… falling for.”

A groan escaped his lips as he exhaled, then Klaus leaned down and put his hand around Kenna’s neck. His grip was firm yet gentle. Her eyes were still closed, so the hand surprised her, but that’s all it did. She laid there relaxed and mostly motionless apart from the rising and falling of her chest.

“You were… falling for me?” He whispered the last three words.

She nodded.

“Like, falling falling?”

“Yes, Klaus, like proper falling. Though it seems improper now,” she laughed.

“Why aren’t you killing me?”

Klaus sighed, “I should kill you. I have reasons, dozens of reasons, but I… I just can’t.

I understand you may call the cops and tell them what I almost did to you. I can’t stop you.”

Kenna squinted and partially opened one eye to look at him. He still had her by the throat, and she had no idea where the knife was.

He bent down to whisper in her ear, “you’re so sexy when you’re in danger. I was, I-I was wondering if I could kiss you one last time before I go?”

“You want my consent to kiss me?” Kenna clarified.

“Yes, I don’t want it to be under duress.”

“He says with his hand around her neck,” Kenna mocked and laughed.

Klaus laughed along, a nervous laugh, then he apologized and quickly moved his hand away.

“No,” she whispered.

He stopped smiling and moved to get off her.

“Nooo, I meant, I want the hand back,” she said, reaching for him and pulling him closer.

Both of her eyes were opened now. She looked at him and saw the sweet, sensual guy she thought he was before and more; there was always more to him, and tonight the more made sense. She put his hand on her chest right where the v neck revealed the most flesh, and she moved it up to her neck.

She took his face in her hands and pulled it close to hers. His nose touched hers, her forehead touched his, then their lips gently came in contact. His were soft and slightly trembling. Hers were warm and inviting. Soon lips were parting, tongues were dancing, and his grip grew cautiously tighter around her neck.

It was easily the most passionate kiss Klaus had ever had. The way she touched him made him forget the hell he’d be in for not killing her. He decided it then —she was worth dying for.

She pulled him closer and wrapped her legs around him, then in one swift motion she flipped him over. Now Kenna was on top and she wasn’t shy about pressing her weight on him. She leaned down to kiss him, hair draping over both their faces and the fragrance of her shampoo enchanting him.

She kissed from one side of his neck up to his lips then down the other side, finishing with a playful bite at the shoulder. Klaus bucked his hips beneath her, moaning louder.

Kenna couldn’t help getting swept up in the eroticism of the moment. There was no doubt he stirred desire in her before, but she wanted him now in the worst way. The act of turning a would be assassin into a submissive lover was intoxicating as fuck.

She peppered kisses all over his chest as her hands peeled away the robe from his body. “Take it off, take it all off,” she demanded.

He acquiesced, lifting his body to remove the robe and his boxer-briefs. In no time Kenna was back on top, lifting Klaus’ hands above his head and tying them at the wrist with the belt from his robe.

She backed up to look at him. He was completely naked now, his erection resting against his stomach. She eyed him mischievously before straddling him again.

This time her silk shorts were the only thing between them. The material felt warm, moist, and smooth against Klaus’ cock. Kenna began to move her hips as she held his arms in place, and with the other hand, she dragged her nails down the side of his body.

“Oh fuck,” Klaus moaned beneath her.

She traced her nails back up over his abs, circling his nipple, then the hand was gripping his neck as she leaned down to kiss him again. When she finally broke the kiss, the hand switched from gripping his neck to form a fist around his cock.

He was slick with want, precum coating his erection. She was delighted to discover his girth and gave him a few good strokes before letting go. She brought the hand to her face and licked his excitement from her palm.

“Fucking delicious,” she said, smiling at him. “But there’s something else I need.”

“Yesss,” he hissed, “anything!”

Kenna leaned down with her lips close to his. He tried to kiss her, but she deflected.

“Who sent you?” She whispered sternly, holding the knife inches from his neck.

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