The more someone is prohibited, the greater the desire. I’d heard that before, but it never quite resonated with me. Not until my opinion was in direct opposition to my need.

I slide my portfolio across the desk, “Don’t look at me like that.”

“Like what?”

I don’t answer.

“So the past 5 years, you’ve been—”

“An artist.”

“I see,” his eyes widen in amazement as they explore my work. “And now?”

“My appetite has grown.”

“Your appetite for Research & Design?”


“Only those things?”

“What else would there be?”

He raises an eyebrow and looks at me.

I shake my head, “Do you want me for the job or not?”

“Which job?”

I chuckle, “How’s your wife?”

“How soon can you start?”

“Whenever you need me.”

“I need you now.”

It wasn’t what he said that did my head in. It’s the way he said it, the look of him as he spoke, the way his fleshy lips hung open as language left them. They almost turned into a question, no–a challenge, like “are you woman enough to find out?”

As the sun began to set, the sky ignited with an explosion of color and I could hold myself back no longer. Opportunity offered no better handle by which to seize him—we were alone in a secluded office building on the 32nd floor at sunset with just enough privacy to make me bold.

I got up to walk around his desk. He stood too, and I walked right up to him—toe to toe, throwing my arms around his neck and pressing my body against his, pressing close.

I pulled his head down to mine and started kissing him. He quickly succumbed to my caresses, kissing me back, running his hands over my shoulders, down my spine, and to my ass.

I feel like I’m losing my mind, but my body is here, at his altar. I want to worship and be worshiped and there’s no denying that now.

When we break for air, he starts undoing his tie. I back up and watch him loosen and lift the blue silk above his head, then I say, “I want to undress you.”

He comes closer to me and grabs two handfuls of my ass to pull me in for a passionate kiss, then he stands before me, watching, waiting.

I let him.

I circle him.

Slender fingers

Gliding all over him,


Arms, shoulders,

Chest and back.

He’s breathtaking.

Blue business slacks

Brown shoes, brown belt

Brown eyes that make me melt

I undo his buttons slowly, taking my time to savor every inch of newly uncovered flesh. His body is more chiseled now than it was 5 years ago, more defined and veiny, yet experiencing the timeless depth of his touch in the present, it felt like no time had passed at all.

I move to the center of the room and he follows, wrapping his arms around me from behind, “What drives me more than my desire, is the necessity to be near you.”

His hands find my hips, his lips fall to my neck, and my hand reaches up to caress his hair.

“I ache for you,” he continues, “I burn for you, I touch myself with thoughts of you.”

His breath was hot and tickled my ear, I shivered. I wanted to respond—tell him I felt the same, tell him I do the same, but sensation crowded out my ability to convey thoughts.

“I would have given anything to see you sooner,” he whispered, then he kissed behind my ear as his rigid cock rubbed against me.

“You’re saying all this so I’ll indulge you?” I asked, gasping between each word.

“I’d be happy just to hold you. These last few years without you…” his voice trailed off. “No matter where I was, what I was doing, or who I was doing it with, my thoughts never left you.”

I craned my head to look at him. He caught my chin between his fingers then his lips came in contact with mine. His kiss told me everything I needed to know, and I hope my passion was equally eloquent.

We went on for a while like this, communicating our need with physical touch. When I opened my eyes long enough to notice our surroundings, I realized the sun was gone, the sky was dark, and city lights danced beneath us.

We made our way to the floor-to-ceiling window where he pushed me up against the glass, turned me around—my back to him, eyes on the city—and positioned my hands above my head, legs slightly spread, back arched, fingertips touching glass.

“Don’t move,” he told me.

He laid hands on me, both sides of my waist, hands that moved from my hips down the length of my thighs. Then he reached in front, needy hands lifting blouse and bra to knead my breasts.

He kissed my neck as his hands wandered over my body. I reached back to grab his cock, stroking softly, losing myself in the curves of his veins.

“I need to taste you,” I turn to tell him.

I kiss his lips once more, then run my lips along his collar bones, his chest—both nipples, his abdomen.

Then I kneel before him and lick only the underside of his cock while looking up at him.

I lick slowly from base to tip.



The third time, my tongue dances around the head. He trembles. I take more, the entire tip now between my lips. Lustful eyes look up at him then both my hands grip him.

I lick and kiss and twist and stroke until his knees become unstable. I could tell he was close, so I grabbed the back of his thighs and pulled him into me, his length driving deep into my throat. I held him there for as long as I could, my tongue tickling his balls, my eyes releasing slutty tears.

Finally, I free him and stand up to face him. He takes my face in his palms and kisses me passionately, sucking on my tongue, and caressing my body as we moved to the center of the room once more.

He bent me over his desk and kneeled behind me. His hands ran from my ankles up to my thighs. Then they were easing my pencil skirt up ever so slowly. He didn’t remove my black lace panties, he just pulled them to the side before burying his face in me.

Like a starved beast, he licked me everywhere until I told him, “I need you inside me.”

He stood up, grabbed my hips and positioned himself behind me. His cock was right between my cheeks and it stayed there for a minute as he leaned down to litter my spine with kisses.

I shuddered as goosebumps rippled across my body. His tip was at my entrance now, teasing. I wiggled myself on him, trying to force entry. I craned my neck to look at him and that’s when he slammed into me, burying himself completely.

Euphoria filled my head as his presence ignited the most intense sensations. I moaned with the feel of his cock stretching my tender insides.

I arched my back, giving him greater access. With each thrust, my muscles clenched him tighter, and when he pulled out, I felt myself trying to keep him in. It was more than physical desire, this was primal hunger, lizard brain fully engaged.

I licked and sucked my lips as my body drew him in. Then with legs tensed, eyes closed, and fingers gripping his wrist, pleasure flooded me.

“Oh Grayston,” I called out as I came.

“There you are baby,” he said, like he always said when I came undone.

The words didn’t surprise me, but my reaction to them did—my legs went gooey and he swiftly gathered me in his arms. I was a wet, whimpering mess, still reeling from the force of my orgasm.

He laid me on the couch and climbed on top of me cautiously. His lips caressed mine and he held me closer, positioning himself at my entrance. He moved slowly, sliding himself inch by inch into my recovering cunt.

As his cock rocked back and forth inside me, I grew wetter and wetter until the sound of our bodies broke into a liquid song of its own.

“Promise me,” he said breathlessly, “promise me you won’t disappear again.”

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