Chest Harness

The more you do, the more it becomes easier to do. It’s only been a week since I started this series and already I’ve been picking up my rope a lot more.

I tried this chest harness a few days ago, took pics, and everything. I had fun, but it was harder to master than I imagined.

So today, I tried again. I struggled massively with doing the knots on the back last time.

Today, though, today things started to click. The instructions made more sense.

I could easily spot my old mistakes and correct them—sometimes without even looking at the instructions, just by feeling.

I’m learning to trust the rope more, which in turn, is allowing me to trust myself more.

I like working through the confusion and finally getting it right, or getting closer to right.

I’m very proud of the knots I did on the back. The front was much simpler. Below is the final result.

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