You were breaking glow lamps so that we could carry the light. Shattered glass bounced beneath us in different colors like fireworks on the floor.

It was maddening, the desire I felt for you, and that was the only constant of our constantly shape shifting surroundings.

One minute you were leaning down to kiss me, your words morphing into a throaty moan, the next you were a holy man, holding me by the shoulders, shaking me, and saying, “We mustn’t let lust get the best of us!”

I’m not sure who you were trying to convince because your body glowed with desire.

I wanted more from you, to shut the world out and be beside you, behind you, in front of you, on top of you, underneath you. Underneath you in the pew with my tits pressed together.

Underneath you with you watching me watching you, and us licking lips as things continue to shape-shift.

“How much longer in this world?”

I open my mouth, not to answer, but to stick my tongue out, hoping for a taste of you before the world blurs.

Your cock slides effortlessly between my tits, my sternum slippery with your arousal.

You reach down to pinch both nipples and simultaneously pick up your pace. You thrust, and thrust, and thrust until we’re thrown into another dimension.

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