Diamond Rope Dress

This week I was feeling a bit lawless.

Come time to tie, I was experiencing
just the right amount of thoughtlessness.

A state of mind I didn’t want interrupted, so I decided to wing it.

Leave the tutorials off, keep music on, and become a slave to sensation by letting only feeling guide me.

Something I’m learning lately is that there’s magic in tension.

Part of me already knew that, but in other contexts, like storytelling.

The same is true in the language of rope. There is magic in the tension; magic, mysticism, and balance.

So by toying with tension and reverse tension, I free styled myself a diamond rope dress…

Which, I think, is pretty magical ✨

4 thoughts on “Diamond Rope Dress

    1. Thanks for checking it out.

      A good tie is like a good hug—not too tight, not too loose, and of course circulation must be considered. As a rule, I always have enough room for two fingers to fit between my skin and the rope so it’s snug, but comfy.

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