Public Tease, 2

When it rains, I always consider canceling plans. Water can soothe or smother, and I don’t like thinking about traction. Thankfully, today I didn’t cancel. I braved the cold and rain to play some public games

“I’m here,” I text as I approach the restaurant. 

“Booth in the center, across the bar.”

As soon as I opened the door, I spotted him. He was wearing a dark turtle neck and he was actually wearing the damn thing. Fuck, I bit my lip as my eyes gulped him in. His salt and pepper beard was neatly trimmed, he was rocking that side part, and his eyes radiated warmth.

“Hi, how are you doing?” 

He gets up to greet me with a hug, “Mmm, I’m good, better now.” 

He gives me a nice squeeze and we sway side to side for a moment, “You look incredible,” he tells me.

I’m wearing a black sweater dress, knee high socks, black boots, and a blue leather jacket. Loose curls drape over my left shoulder while the right side of my head is completely shaved. That’s right, I’m in my villain-era.

He helps me with the jacket and then plants a quick kiss on my cheek.

I smile, “Thank you. What are we drinking?”

I get cozy and we chat a bit before a silence settles between us. I glance around the room, taking in the crowd, wondering if any of my colleagues or clients might be in attendance. I see no one, but then again I’m not wearing my glasses. Fuck it, let them see. I turn my attention back to him and find him smiling at me. There’s a small purple gift bag on the table with ruffles sticking out. 

“Oooo,” my eyes widen inquisitively.

“Open it,” he encourages, pushing it closer to me.

I reach my hand into the bag and beyond the stuffing paper I feel a silk material covering something firmer inside. I raise the silk bag to my chest and peek inside. 

“Have you used this before?” I knew he was a rake.

“No, I bought it just for you. I only unboxed it to charge it and study the remote.” He raised an eyebrow and smirked.

Inside the box was a hot pink silicone looking toy.

The toy in question is the Lush 2 by Lovense, a Bluetooth controlled device with unlimited vibration patterns.

The server comes back with my drink – some old timey tequila refresher. I take a sip then excuse myself, bringing the toy with me to powder my nose.

In the bathroom I washed the toy with soap and warm water. It was sizable, but it wasn’t phallic, plus, safety first, you know. I’ll admit, a part of me wanted to be caught doing it also. 

In the stall, I hang my purse, part my legs, lower my panties, and attempt to insert it. I’m wet, but the toy is a bit thick, so I lift it to my mouth, sucking off my juices and taking the whole thing in. I do this repeatedly, popping it in and out of my mouth until I’m satisfied with the slickness of the toy. Then I lower it and finesse the thing inside.

I exhale, my heartbeat elevating slightly. Then I grab my purse, wash my hands, and head back to the table. 

He’s smiling at me as I approach. I take my seat and another sip of my drink. 

He turns it on when the waitress comes back to ask about appetizers.

“Any appetizers?” She asks, all bubbly, and I straighten my back in response to the buzzing. 

“Um, I—”

“We’ll try the…” 

I’m not sure what he ordered, but it came on a platter. By then I was soaking, didn’t feel like a good conversationalist at all, and I didn’t care. I just wanted to look at him and enjoy him. The wrinkles in the corners of his eyes when he smiled at me, the way his fingers moved on the screen, up, down, drawing random patterns, every swipe of the finger had an effect on me, rattling me, knocking the burdens of reality out of me.

The toy felt like part of me, part of me outside my control. I came back to my senses, emerging briefly from sensations, to find him looking at me. I don’t know the name of this look –it was curiosity and arousal paired with a touch of sadism maybe.

He purposely waits for me to find my footing, find myself again, before his fingers draw demonic lines on the screen. I was losing my mind, losing myself, losing all ties to my surroundings. There was only the sensation deep inside me, the girthy toy taking up space, my muscles clenching around it as the intensity level hit the top of charts.

And there he was smiling at me, moving that finger on the screen so menacingly. Smiling at me like it was just an ordinary evening.

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      1. It’s not going to happen any time soon, but for the first time in 20yrs I do have a faint hope that it could happen with my new GF. if it does, I’m sure I’ll be writing about it.

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