Locking Up

At the agreed upon hour, I heard a knock on my door. I grab you by the belt buckle and lead you inside.

Except for a wooden chair in the center of the room, all furniture is gone. You see the chair and, understanding what’s expected of you, you immediately begin to undress.

I stand before you casually sipping wine with my eyes following the twisting motions of your fingers as button after button becomes undone.

Sundays are for smothering you in slippery sighs

“Sit naked and await further instructions.

There’s a blindfold in the right arm of the chair, pull it over your eyes and wait.”

You do as you’re told and soon I’m back with a present for you. You feel the weight of a smedium gift box on your lap.

“I got you something.”

I notice your soft cock rise to a semi.

You eagerly turn the box, clawing at the wrapping paper until you find an in. You tear it open, hold it up to your ear, and shake. It barely makes a sound.

“Un-box it,” I say.

You do as you’re told. Your hands sink into the box eagerly. You feel something cold. You fumble with it, but you can’t make it out.

“What is this? And there’s a key?”

“Yes. Remove your blindfold.”

You’re surprised to see a metal cock cage carved into the lining of the box.

The cage fits you perfectly.

“Mmm, just as I imagined. Hand me the key”

You reach into the box, fish out the key to your cage, and bravely hand it to me. I take the key and kneel before you, kissing you softly while securing your constraint.

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