“Baby, how much longer?”

“10 more minutes,” I shout over the music.

Of course you’re ready already–annoyingly ahead of schedule as usual–and I’m predictably behind it. What a pair. I look up from my makeup bag and notice you standing in the doorway, business casual with a devilish grin.

I’m in the bathroom in a bra and panties, makeup brush in hand. In the mirror, I watch you walk up behind me, wrap your arms around me, and kiss the back of my neck. I lean my head, exposing the side of my neck as a hint of where you should aim your affections next.

You kiss from my neck up to behind my earlobe, and as you do, you sense the strength leaving my legs. You hold me tightly and kiss me more before placing my hands on the counter for support. Once I’m stable, your hands move behind me to unhook my bra. It drops to the floor and your hands reach around to tease my now very erect nipples.

In the mirror, we watch your strong hands slide over breasts, chest, shoulders, and abdomen. Goosebumps litter my skin as I feel the wet spot in my panties expanding. I do not restrain myself, I slip a hand into them, unable to wait for you to get there. Holding eye contact with you, I gasp as I touch myself. You inhale sharply, your grip growing firmer on my flesh.

Consumed by desire yourself, you undo your belt and begin grinding against me, my wetness marking your fancy pants for sure, but you don’t seem to mind. You hold my hips and simulate sex by thrusting against me.

Eventually, you turn me around and pick me up. I wrap my arms around your neck and kiss you deeply as you place me on the counter. I feel your hand between my legs, urging them further apart and, like a Good Girl, I spread them.

You pull my panties to the side and begin to tease my clit, rubbing your thumb gently across it before slipping a finger inside me. I break our kissing to moan softly against your lips as you slip a second finger inside.

Soon you’re on your knees before me with your tongue on my clit and faster moving fingers feeding wetness to the palm of your hand. I start sliding my foot up and down your back as I run my fingers through your hair. Aware that I’m close, you lick and fingerfuck me furiously, bringing me to the brink of undisclosed delights before pulling away.

“No, no, nooo,” I whine desperately.

Standing up, you raise your hand to your mouth and suck your index finger clean, then the middle one, then you back away from me, leaning in the doorway as you were before.

“I just wanted a little taste,” you say coyly. “How much longer until you’re ready, baby?”

I should have known you were up to something.

“10 minutes,” I say, smiling at you. “But will you help me down from this slippery counter?”

You pause for a second and I watch you go from my man to my animal. Dropping your pants, you approach me and place your arousal between my slippery folds. I moan.

You put my legs over your shoulders and sink into me slowly, caressing my face with one hand while the other holds onto my hip. You work yourself inside me with deep, deliberate strokes.

I might’ve lost my head when you started sucking on my toes one by one and licking between them as they slid out of your mouth. The sensation was too much—my body tensed and began to quiver. A mind blowing orgasm took over and I’d have screamed if I had the strength to.

You’re so turned on by the sight of a shaking me that it triggers your own release. Neither of us realized you were close until it was too late.

“It’s okay,” I manage to mutter, and that’s all the convincing you needed to fully erupt inside me.

Still sensitive from my release, your liquid heat sends a wave of euphoric bliss through my entire being as our combined lust drips on the counter.

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