House Hunting

“Tell me what you want and I’ll make sure my wife gets it for you.”

You, I wanted to say, but I held that in. “Four beds, 2.5 baths, and a mountain view.”

It was ultimately him I wanted, but not behind her back, not in hiding. I wanted her in the room, feeding him to me—holding his cock for me while I kiss and lick it like it’s a neck.


I’d been looking at homes for months, but every time I fell in love, some asshole would make a cash offer above list price. My crush at work said his wife was some kind of a real estate broker who could show me properties well in advance of them being posted online. I wasn’t very hopeful, but I decided to meet with her to try and connect on a more intimate level.

“Meet me at 513 Squirrel Runway Ave at 1:15,” her text read.

Thoughts of what could happen swirled through my mind and spiraled down my body. My pussy was throbbing when I pulled up next to her Tesla in the long, elegant driveway.

We greeted each other with a hug and it seemed we were both hesitant to pull away, so I held her tighter, taking in her scent. She smelled of cinnamon and fresh baked cookies. The feel of her soft skin against mine, her hair on my cheek, the way her hand lingered at my lower back—I suspected their marriage was more open than I initially thought.

The owner’s suite was lovely, but the rest of the rooms were too small for my liking. I mean, if I can’t fit a queen bed in the guest room, what’s the point? I’d just about written the place off until she said she had one last thing to show me.

With a sweeping gesture, she ushered me out onto the expansive patio. I giggled at her dramatic movement as I stepped out into the fresh air. The mountains moved before us in rich colors of red and gold and green. Silenced by the beauty laid out before us, we both stared ahead in amazement.

She moved behind me, my heart beating like a fluttering bird inside my chest, and placed her hands on my shoulders then moved them up and down the soft skin of my arms. My head tilted back, goosebumps spreading across my skin, as I arched into her. She placed my hands on the railing in front of us.

“Keep your eyes straight ahead,” she whispered. 

A smile tugged at the corners of my lips as I did as I was told, admiring the view. She pulled the zipper of my pencil skirt down slowly, exposing my bottom to the crisp autumn air. Then she backed away from me.

I stood surprisingly still, awaiting further instruction.

“You have the most gorgeous ass I’ve ever seen… Do you mind if I take a picture for Trey?”

“Take as many as you like.” 

The anticipation was killing me. I could feel it buzzing all over my body like a whole colony of bees was let loose inside my skin.

After waiting for what felt like an eternity, finally she approached, snaking her arms around my waist then moving them up to caress my tiny titties. Invigorated by her touch, I moaned boldly into the open air.

She reached between my legs to find that my panties were soaked. Slipping them to the side, she slid a finger inside me and began massaging my clit with the wetness.

It didn’t take long. I was so worked up—thighs shaking, fingers gripping the rail, I muttered gibberish, needy noises—and when I came, my cries echoed from the mountain tops.

I turned in her arms, my hungry eyes on hers, pulled her close and kissed her softly. We wrapped our arms around each other, giggling between kisses. I stepped out of my pencil skirt, pushed her onto the patio furniture, pulled her leggings down to her knees and dove between her legs, my fingers plunging inside her as my mouth covered her clit.

I didn’t put an offer on that house, but I was more motivated than ever to keep looking.

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