Cool Down

Seated in the living room on an uncharacteristically hot afternoon, I was having a hard time concentrating on my work. Noticing the discomfort in my body, he asked me to close my laptop and join him for a little break.

I followed him to our bedroom where a large ceiling fan with leaf shaped legs was on at full speed. When did he install this? He guided me to a chair in the corner, directly in the path of that divine cool air.

“Stay right there. Don’t move until I give you permission to,” he said firmly before leaving the room.

I closed my eyes, enjoying the sensation of cool air on my sultry skin while at the same time wondering what would come next.


The ice cubes clink as he takes one from the cup, his fingertips gripping it lightly to minimize the melt. It’s not making much of a difference, I notice and chuckle to myself, thinking I melt as soon as his fingers touch me too.

He brings the ice cube to my mouth and slowly circles the curves of my slightly parted lips then removes the ice and traces the same pattern with the warmth of his tongue. I ache to grab his face and kiss him fully and it takes a great deal of effort for me to remain seated and motionless as he asked of me.

He reaches into the mug once more and comes out with another piece of ice. This time, he holds my chin between his fingers, tilting my head slightly, and runs the ice over my lips for twice as long. Cold droplets creep along both sides of my jaw then quickly descend down the sides of my neck.

I shudder. 

My lashes flutter as wetness greets the point where my neck meets my shoulder. Once the entire cube has melted, he licks along the sides of my jaw and neck, burning me up with desire.

It was torture knowing I couldn’t move. My hands wanted so badly to reach up and touch him, but I remained still, receptive to his glacial teasing.

“Take off your top.”

I did as I was told, raising the mustard yellow tank top above my head and tossing it to the side before returning to my submissive pose.

Next, he took two ice cubes, one in each hand, and starting from the caps of my shoulders, he moved them along the length of my clavicles until both cubes collided in the center of my chest.

He held the ice in his fists as his tongue moved along my clavicles. When he finished, he held his fists above my chest and we both watched as drop after drop hit my perky breasts.

As his lips moved around the sensitive skin of my breasts, the sensation of cold to warm startled a massive moan out of me.

“Stand up, baby,” he tells me, and I rise eagerly. 

“May I touch you now?” 

He nods and I go straight for his shorts, pulling them and his boxers down in one go. 

His cock sways between us before my hands move down to greet it. He is hard, so fucking hard. I feel it pulsing in my palms as I press myself to him.

I wanted to stroke him, suck him, fuck him all at same time, but his cold hands on either side of my face clawed me out of my thoughts. Instinctively, I got on my tippy toes to meet his lips with mine. 

As we kissed, I kept both hands on his shaft, moving up and down steadily with a twisty motion up top. His body became more and more rigid as I worked his cock, his cold hands running down my back to grab my ass as if desperate for support.

In no time, his cum was coating my fingers.

I never get tired of the effect I have on him, even if I don’t quite believe or understand it some days.

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