Dangling his cuffs hypnotically above his head, she says, “Tell me the truth, do you love it when I take control?”

“You ever been in a cop car?”

“Is that a trick question?”

He chuckles, “No.”

“Okay,” she shifts her weight seductively from one side to the other as she walks toward him, “I’ll tell you what I haven’t done.”

He gulps, “What’s that?”

“I’ve never driven a cop’s car,” her voice lowers to a playful whisper, “You could be my first.”

He looks down, resting his hands on the thick black belt wrapped around his waist, “Oh,” he laughs nervously, “I don’t know—”

“You don’t need to know. No one does. Besides, don’t I look responsible?”

“You’re wearing a sexy cop uniform walking your dog at 2 in the morning. You appear sober and of sound mind, so sure, you look responsible.”

She smiles.

“Not the first word I’d use to describe you though.”

She walks closer to him, lays a hand on his chest and makes eye contact.

“Oh yeah? What’s the first thing that came to mind?” She presses her palm against his chest and pushes softly before he can answer, “Better yet, why don’t you tell me in the squad car?”

He steels himself by flexing his pecs, “It’s not just any car, it has a big engine.”

“Mmm,” she moans, “I can handle it.”


Stella tightens her grip on the steering wheel with her left hand while her right hand caresses the shifter, “You ready?”

Sven glances at her nervously, “Yeah, of course.”

As she presses down on the accelerator, the loud roar of the engine floods her body with excitement. In 4.1 seconds it reads 60 mph on the dash.

“Fuck yeah,” she shouts.

Driving through desolate streets, she does her best to stay under 65 mph until they reach the highway where she can really let loose.

The thing about a CTS-V is you don’t feel how fast you’re going until you realize how quickly the numbers on the exit signs change. She got up to about 120mph when Sven put his hand on her knee and said, “Maybe we should slow down.”

She took that as an order instead of a suggestion. When she lifted her leg to move her foot to the break, his hand slid further up the length of her thigh.

She kept driving until they reached the beach. By then his hand was up her skirt, teasing the wet spot in her panties.

They got out of the car and he came around to her side, pressed himself to her, her back against the squad car, and kissed her passionately. She enjoyed the kiss. She enjoyed his hands on her. She enjoyed how wet her pussy was from driving a cop’s car with him as the passenger.

The seductive night’s breeze hardened her nipples as he pulled down her dress to expose both breasts. She threw her head back and wrapped a leg around him, hooking him, pulling him closer to her as everything melted around them, everything but his touch, the stars, and the sound of waves crashing against the shore.

“I’ve never felt so much pleasure from giving pleasure before,” Sven said.

He was on his knees looking up at her from between her legs.

Stella caressed his face and smiled, then leaned against the squad car while he continued to tongue her clit, her panties pulled to the side, her little black dress hiked up around her hips, and the antenna of her costume’s radio digging into her skin there under the moonlight.

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