Good Luck Daisy

I normally don’t buy daisies on purpose because they remind me of an ex best friend who wore a good-luck daisy clip in her hair.

One night we were walking back to her place—me, her, and her boyfriend. We were tipsy, she was drunk. She realized she lost her daisy and began to panic, so I turned around and illuminated the earth, retracing our paw prints until I found it.

She was so happy when I caught back up with them and showed it to her. She tried to hug me but she fell to the ground and pulled me down with her. Before getting back up, I straddled her hip and clipped her daisy back in her disarrayed hair. Her boyfriend snapped a pic of us at that moment and to this day it’s one of my favorite images.

We don’t talk about friendship breakups enough even though they can be just as devastating as romantic ones.

7 thoughts on “Good Luck Daisy

  1. Friendship breakups hurt! I have lost a few and it took me months to get over and I dread the day we bump into each other and walk by like strangers

  2. Also liking that maybe that purple triangle might symbolize D (for Daisy and/or for Death of a best friendship) and the memorable moments that you and her and her boyfriend shared. And liking the possibility that X (shaped by the rope) might be another way of saying ex and/or a kiss goodbye.

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