April Ties

An assortment of ties from the month of April.

Week 1 A diamond rope dress + discovering that tying with multiple colors can be cute.

Week 2 was full of futomomos, which can be hell if the legs cramp, so I stretched and drank lots of water in anticipation šŸ˜…

Week 3 I had the pleasure of being tied by another. Both the chest harness and the hip harness were secure enough for suspension, but I stayed grounded.

Week 4 was purely experimental. Iā€™m finally comfortable enough with my skills to add a touch of cruelty to my ties.

4 thoughts on “April Ties

  1. Well done. I see you have been productive. May I link to one of your posts for the next chapter of my story? Alison is going to be exploring erotica and I wanted to have an example Shibari to show people.

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