In Defense of Distractions

Puffing smoke in the company of estranged family members.
It’s surreal. I’m freeing myself

I’m feeling myself and I’m freeing myself

I’m…kind of sorry I didn’t visit sooner, but coulda woulda shoulda has no place in my eternal present moment, so back to it, or rather, forward to the present. Be still.
Inhale, exhale, good things are here, better things are possible

Possibilities are possible
Positive possibilities

I chose to make an appearance tonight because they were hosting a huge party at their restaurant, which means they wouldn’t have time to fully focus on me, which is exactly what I wanted since I didn’t know how it would be to all sit down without distractions. In order for me to be here, I need distractions.

Speaking of distractions, already I’ve been shamelessly pursued. One man said he’s perfect for me and then started talking about his wealth and his position.

“I work in Cuba, but not the Castro side.”

“It’s divided?”

“Yes, lots of people don’t know this but the US bought a part.”

I pressed further to see if it was Guantanamo. It was—he showed me his ID.

“You must have seen some things.”

“I’m an electrician, but yes.”

Ordinarily, I would have stopped talking to him much sooner, but my dark curiosities got the best of me. I wanted to know what he’d seen, but he was not a receptive man.

“I bet you’ve got some crazy stories.”

“Yes, and 6 houses. Can I get your number?”

“Nah, but are you on Discord?”

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