I looked at him patiently as he spoke, “W-we need to sit down and, uh, do, um, do a Needs Assessment.”

“Where’s the keys, love? I just wanna drive it.”

“But my Manager says—”

“Let me talk to him.”

I knew exactly what I was doing to him, but it wasn’t intentional. You see, I had edged myself for over an hour that morning and when I was finally ready for release, the toy died, so I reached for another, and that one died too, and my little window for pleasure passed, so I took a cold shower and got ready for work.

I had a whale to land. The webinar was at noon. I needed all the erotic energy I could summon to close the deal, and, just as I imagined, it played out poetically.

After the presentation, I was floating on the edge of another type of energy. Not erotic, no, something akin to creation in a way…I don’t know what to call it yet (accomplishment energy?) but it’s the high of seeing a vision materialize. It made me want to dream more, do more, create more.

I want a new car, though I’m not sure what exactly, so I stopped by a dealership just to see, just to feel, just to immerse myself in a dream that’s not yet real.

I wore a fitted black dress that stopped just above the knees, black heels, a maroon blazer, and red lips to work that day and that’s the same outfit I was wearing in the Manager’s office when I persuaded him to let me test drive alone.

We picked out a stunning M50i in blue and I took a long, windy road to assess the handling, then cruised through the historic district where I let my mind wander ahead.

I pulled into a spot by the water, rolled the windows down, and settled into my sensual self. Everything I want is mine already…

I felt more relaxed after saying my little chant. I felt my body become more at ease, more open to possibilities, like the possibility of a lover beside me, for example, their fingers in place of mine, hooked inside me, doing that calling motion.

It didn’t take long.

As I erupted, I pressed my body into the AC seats and my hand slid further back on the velvet headliner.


Everything That’s Yours
I Touch You to Memorize You

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