Eyes are useless when the mind is blind

I was in the kitchen washing dishes while the frying pan burned behind me. It’s true, I can be quite forgetful at times. I’ve been working on being absent minded but I mind too much when my mind is empty so thoughts burst to the surface like I don’t even know if you’re alive and junk.

As I squirt the soap on my smiley faced scrub daddy I wonder if I’m down because I’m alone but then I remember I have been happy alone a million times before. So what is it then? I wish I had the answer, the meaning of the thing.

A single bubble, quite tiny, rises before me. It’s got that hollow look and at the bottom I see colors that I can’t place. How does it do that. What’s the reflection in a bubble called? I want to go blow bubbles outside in the park, big bubbles, and chase them with my dog. I want to blow bubbles and analyze life for as long as they’re afloat. Not a moment longer.

I want bubbles to free me

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