After Hours: Headshots

I wanted to show my neck and pretty gold earring. He said I should have my curls on each side because it would be more feminine.

I flipped the hair from my left shoulder and ran a finger from earlobe down the length of my exposed neck and told him, “This section right here is pure seduction. We have to show a little neck.”

He didn’t argue. He stayed there looking for a second, then he came closer, directly in front of me, and arranged my hair and placed his hands on my shoulders to turn them slightly.

We held each others gaze—from me a crooked smile, from him, a cute little smirk—every second of it heated me up more and more. I could feel my pits moistening a little, my heartbeat rising, my pulse in my pussy, pretty much.

The photographer cleared her throat, drawing us out of the moment.

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